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Piece Project - Our Mission


600 Bradford Musicians Performance At The Royal Albert Hall.

We took 9 young people from the local community to perform at
the Royal Albert Hall in London.

The musicians took part in a series of rehearsals with other musicians from across the district involving Bradford Music and Arts Service, secondary school, 3 music services and community organisations.

Music for Youth commissioned composer and multi-instrumentalist Joe Broughton to create a genre-defying, educationally and artistically inspiring piece that reflected the multitude of cultures represented in Bradford and the surrounding area.

There are four sections to Strength in Numbers. All of the themes were inspired by the individual characters in this huge band and in each rhythm and scale you will hear the unique fusion that is this group of young people on stage together just for today.

Artistic Director/Conductor: Joe Broughton
Violin: Paloma Trigas
Percussion: Tom Chapman

To enjoy the 'jaw dropping performance ' of the Vivendi Bradford
Massed Ensemble at Schools Prom 2012 at the Royal Albert Hall - click here.

Raise Your Flags -
Intergenerational Singing Project

This was inspired by a conversation between Amy Eden, Piece Project and Carol Barwick children’s choir leader discussing the joy of the Eurovision Song contest and discovering that there is a lack of awareness about international songs.

They began researching and building a project after consultations with the local schools children in the community, local schools and Youth organisation E:merge. It was also evident that there is a difficult time when children are moving between Primary and Secondary schools with settling in and developing friendships. We set about creating an inspiring musical project which would be empowering and would help to develop confidence for the children’s and families when changing schools.

The project received support of funding from Community First and Comic Relief.

Piece Project Photograph
Piece Project - Our Mission

Barkerend Primary were approached about the project and plans are afoot to create a song to an international story written by someone who has suffered from being in a war zone in Iraq and has relocated to Bradford.

Rehearsals will be at Factory St. Studios and the performance will be at the Carlton Bolling College.

The Shuttle Shuffle Festival

The Shuttle Shuffle will be a weekend of music, artistic experiences and entertainment from three organisations; Factory St. Studios, Yorkshire Gig Guide, Topic Folk Club and Eclectic Rhythm. There will be musical workshops, Visual arts, stalls, children's entertainment, food cafe, a bar and lots more.

It will give Bradford a chance to experience and celebrate home-grown music, encourage people to participate in the event open mic area and also in the creation in a one off large scale painting. It will all contribute towards building a community event with the input of the local residents, developing a positive outlook, a sense of pride in the area and generating awareness of peoples’ talents living within it. The Shuttle Shuffle will demonstrate different cultural organisations working, developing, creating and learning together through the planning and delivery of this community Music and Arts Festival. It has the potential to be an annual festival.

Artists already confirmed for the stages are;

Kascarade, Kelter, One Stop Railway, Vinnie Whitehead, Rev Chunky and The Voices of the Day Choir, Martin Christie- Poet and The Loops, Luke Kell, Joe Solo, Boss Caine, Aggravation, Mestisa, Born Thief, Recaldo Fleming and The Younger Generation, GE Bridewell, Vinyl Casino.

The Sentimentalists, The Rudiments. Traffic Wire, Dylan Brierley, Bella Gaffney, Plumbhall, Rum Doodle, Keystone Acoustic, Chris Scarlett, Gerry Cooper, Whiter Than, Roger Davies, Jon Palmer Acoustic Band, Strid, Luke Hirst, Liz Narey, Jon Harvison.

To find out more please see the Shuttle Shuffle website.